Light of Asia Foundation is a non-profit organization incoporated in Sri Lanka in 2007.
The Foundation is committed to present the path shown by
The Enlightened Buddha through advancing audio-visual communication technology.
The available literature and written material spread far and wide, will be collected, researched and made into scripts for audio-visual productions and approved by a supreme council before transmission to the global community.
Interaction of knowledge on the pristine 'Path' will be made through a network of links to be established globally.
The foundation will endeavor to harness such expertise by creating a global village, which will ultimately become the ‘Centre of Radiance’ providing the gift of the ‘Dhamma’ towards inner happiness to all humanity.
The Global Village will be a sanctuary protecting all living beings and The bounty of nature, which is in resonance with the path shown by the Enlightened Buddha.



Which is a joint venture between the Ministry of Buddhasasana and the Light of Asia Foundation. The 75 Acre land will be provided by the Ministry of Buddhasasana, while the entire Funding, Management and Marketing of the Complex will be the responsibility of the Light of Asia Foundation.


Light of Asia Foundation,incorporated in 2007, is committed to communicate the path of overcoming human suffering, Mindfulness, Compassion leading to Inner Happiness shown by The Enlightened Buddha through Audio-Visual Presentations.


The Light of Asia Foundation together with the Ministry of Buddhasasana and the National Film Corporation organizes the International “Vesak” Buddhist Film Festival (IVBFF) in celebration of Vesak.


Navin Gooneratne

The Light of Asia Foundation is committed to make available to the global community, the pristine leadings of The Enlightened Buddha through audio-visual presentations.
The task is daunting. The researched scripts need to be authentic and accurate to transmit the doctrine to interested followers.
Such material has to be accumulated painstakingly from the reservoir of knowledge that is spread across the globe.
Light of Asia Foundation will endeavour to harness such expertise under one roof, by creating a GLOBAL VILLAGE, as the CENTRE OF RADIANCE at the 'Sãkya Kingdom' to be established in Sri Lanka.
Light of Asia Foundation invites you to participate in this limitless task in whatever capacity to contribute to the success of this mission to provide the GIFT OF THE DHAMMA TO HUMANITY.

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